Company Name INFAC Vina
Date of Foundation Aug. 30, 2007
Address Lot C2, KCN Minh Hung-Han Quoc Inderstrial Park, Minh Hung conmune, Chon Thanh District, Binh Phuoc Vietnam
Major R&R Auto Horn


In order to secure price competitiveness of horn products for automobiles and to acquire a base in Southeast Asia, INFAC VINA Was established in Vietnam in 2007. Φ75, Φ78, Φ85, Φ100 disk horn is professionally produced and supplies them to INFAC North America, which is a related company, INFAC horn system.

In addition to securing price competitiveness, INFAC VINA is fully committed to quality assurance through a 200% inspection system, and will reborn as a global INFAC production base in Southeast Asia, producing cable and other automotive parts in the future.