INFAC is continuously striving to become a global leader in the automotive OEM industry.

As a saying “The past is the mirror of the future,” the future of INFAC is very predictable through the history.
Based on sincerity and devotion to our customers, INFAC has grown 15% annually over the past 20 years. And as the future builds on the foundations of the past, it is easy to foresee INFAC’s advancements over the years to come.

Established in 1969, we took our first step in the automotive industry by manufacturing mechanical control cables. From the start, our dedication to R&D and product expertise have allowed us to diversify our business into manufacturing automotive horns, antennas and actuators. In recent years, INFAC has also expanded into the field of eco-friendly technology including EV battery and electrification-control systems, which can be defined as the core essentials of future automotive trends.

We believe that real growth not only comes from quantitative measurements, but is also represented in qualitative progress through technology and product quality which we offer to our customers.
Maximizing synergy and technological advancements through INFAC’s Integrated R&D Center, we will always strive to become the industry leader in technology and quality.

Through continuous innovations, INFAC will endlessly challenge itself to reach INFINITE ACCURACY, ensuring global customer satisfaction.