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INFAC, a global representative corporation associated with auto parts

INFAC will do our utmost to advance and expand as a world-class leader in the industry of auto parts with consistent development of technology by the virtue of knowledge, trust and smooth communication with customers.

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We challenge

to secure and optimize quality competitiveness through Infinite Precision Technology.

We are an irreplaceable leader in the localization of automobile parts by attaining global talent and strategic alliances with global corporations.

for Quality Competitiveness and Optimization

Infinite Accuracy Integrated Technology Institut

We will continue to challenge our future growth based on our 'human resource development' and 'creative value'.

With the establishment of the Integrated Technology Research Center, we have established a cutting-edge research network system and expanded our base of research and development , and are making every effort to strengthen our global competitiveness based on this.

Vehicle Control Technology

Safe automobiles involving precise controls

Sensor Technology

Intelligent sensor that assists human


Actuator with intensified stability

Sensibility Engineering

Humanistic engineering

Vehicle Network

Vehicle network involving synthetical driving information

HVI Technology

Driver-friendly intelligent HVI technology

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INFAC's Passion and Vision